Telmar is the country of origin for the Telmarines and the mother country of New Telmar.

Location = West
Title = Country

Coat of ArmsEdit

The Telmarine coat of arms is a black Gryphon with a red beak and legs, open winged with on a white ground. This symbol is passed on to the coat of arms of New Telmar, but the Gryphon is block black and is on an orange ground.

Telmarine ConquestEdit

During the Narnian year 1998 Caspian the Conquerer, who was the king of Telmar at the time, saw that Narnia was a weak and primitive country and invaded. The Narnia's were beaten and chased into hiding.


There are two variations of the Telmarine coat of arms, on in white and another in orange. For the series it was determined that the white would be the coat of arms for Telmar and the orange for New Telmar.

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