Series 1 of A Chronicle of Narnia is adapted from C.S Lewis's Prince Caspian.

Series 1
Series 1
Next = 2
Adapted from = Prince Caspian
Number of Episodes = 10
Directer(s) =

Joe Patterson

Writer(s) = Joe Patterson

ProductMain CastEdit

Daniel Symons- Prince Caspian
Amittai Ben Israel- Doctor Cornelius
Callum Upton- King Miraz
Matilda Smith- Queen Prunaprizmia
Joel Reed- Peter Pevensie
Abbie Burt- Lucy Pevensie
Ezra Upton- Edmund Pevensie 
Jessica Burt- Susan Pevensie
Recurring Cast
Samuel Miller- Lord Sopespian
Jordan Pickering- Trumpkin
Izzy Featherstone- Nikabrik
Ryan Sampson- Lord Glozelle
Rachael Basson- Hag
Gemma Moss- Dasia
Nicole Marshall- Iela
Esther Feathersone- Isabelle
Crew and Help
Joe Patterson- Director/Writer/Producer
Jon Featherstone- Funder/Executive Producer
Rachel Patterson- Executive Producer
Patricia Upton- Costume Creator
Shaun Patterson- Safety Warden


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