Prunaprizmia is a major characters in Series 1. Queen of New Telmar and the wife of King Miraz. She has three handmaidens Dasia, Iela and Isabelle.

Prunaprizmia DP
Series = 1
Species = Man
Title = Queen
Family =

Miraz - Husband

Caspian - Nephew

Caspian IX - Brother in law

Portrayed By = Matilda Smith


Not much is known about Prunaprizmia's early life. She was the daughter of a lord and early in her life she was married off to the second son of Caspian VIII, Miraz. She was not happy married to Miraz and would have preferred to marry Caspian IX.

Series 1Edit


•Prunaprizmia doesn't make an appearance in the book series, she is only referenced, her character was fleshed out for the web series, because the story was lacking in female characters. •In the book series Prunaprizmia's name is spelled with and 's' instead of a 'z', as in 'Prunaprismia'.

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