Miraz is a major character in Series 1 of A Chronicles of Narnia. He is portrayed by staring cast member Callum Upton. Miraz is King of New Telmar and the husband of Prunaprizmia. He became king when his brother Caspian IX died of mysterious circumstances. He and his wife adopted Caspian as their own son.

Miraz I
Miraz DP
Series = 1
Species = Man
Title = King

Lord Protector (former)

Family =

Caspian IX - Brother

Prunaprizmia - Wife

Caspian - Nephew 

Portrayed By = Callum Upton


Miraz was the younger son of Caspian VIII. He and his brother Caspian IX grew up as good princes, both of them mastering the pen as well as the sword. In his lasted life he married the daughter of a Lord, Prunaprizmia. Their marriage was unhappy and childless. When his brother died of mysterious circumstances, Miraz took the throne -under the title 'Lord Protector'- on behalf of his brothers infant son Caspian. At some point, Miraz was crowned as king, adopting Caspian as his son.

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