Edmund Pevensie, is the second youngest of the Pevensie Children.

King Edmund
Edmund DP
Series = 1
Species = Man
Title = King
Family =

Peter Pevensie - Brother

Susan Pevensie - Sister

Lucy Pevensie - Sister

Eustace Scrubb - Cousin

Alberta Scrubb - Aunt

Harold Scrubb - Uncle 

Portrayed By = Ezra Upton


Edmund has short light brown hair, olive skin and brown eyes.


Edmund Pevensie was born in 1933 in London England. Little is known of his early life but when the Second World War he was six. He and his siblings weren't evacuated straight away until 1941 when they were sent from place to place until 1944 when they were sent to the house of Professor Kirk.

First Visit to NarniaEdit

Lucy, during an exploration of the Professor's manor house found a wardrobe and she stepped into it finding in it the world of Narnia which was in the Age of Winter. One way or another they all found their way into Narnia defeating the wicked White Witch and becoming kings and queens. When they returned to England, fifteen years later, no time had passed at all. (See Link Below)


Edmund in the books is roughly two years younger than he appears in the series. The character was aged up to be a similar age to actor Ezra Upton.

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