Cornelius is a renegade dwarf and the tutor of Caspian.

Doctor Cornelius
Cornelius DP
Series = 1
Species = Renegade Dwarf
Title = Doctor


Teaching Subjects =







Law and Politics 

Portrayed By = Amittai Ben-Israel


Cornelius' father was a black dwarf of Narnia. He fell in love with a Telmarine woman and they married in secret and had Cornelius. Fearing for her sons fate his mother left his father and raised her son as a Telmarine but Cornelius still knew his father as his father insisted he never forgot his Narnian heritage. As Cornelius grew older he became a scholar and graduated from university qualified as a tutor. He became royal adviser to Caspian VII and Caspian VII, and was the tutor of countless royal children. He was deposed from his role as adviser by Caspian IX but was still kept close in court still. After the death of Caspian IX and the execution of Prince Caspian's nurse he was enrolled by Miraz as the prince's tutor.


Originally Cornelius' comical and sometimes flamboyant character was going to be toned down for the series but when actor, Amittai Ben-Israel, read for the role it was clear that he would bring the comic side to the character that the book had.

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