'A Chronicle of Narnia' is the first project by A Little Project, it is currently in production and is being directed by Joe Patterson.

Project SummaryEdit

A Chronicle of Narnia is a web series based on C.S Lewis's 'The Chronicles of Narnia'. Series 1 is in production and is based on 'Prince Caspian', in the foreseeable future the other books could also be carried on in future seasons but this is to be confirmed.


Confirmed Main Cast
Daniel Symons- Prince Caspian
Amittai Ben Israel- Doctor Cornelius
Callum Upton- King Miraz
Matilda Smith- Queen Prunaprizmia
Joel Reed- Peter Pevensie
Abbie Burt- Lucy Pevensie
Ezra Upton- Edmund Pevensie 
Jessica Burt- Susan Pevensie
Confirmed Recurring Cast
Samuel Miller- Lord Sopespian
Jordan Pickering- Trumpkin
Izzy Featherstone- Nikabrik
Ryan Sampson- Lord Glozelle
Rachael Basson- Hag
Conor Sweeney- Lord Drinian
Gemma Moss- Dasia
Nicole Marshall- Iela
Esther Feathestone- Isabelle
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